Welcome to Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart is a private Catholic elementary school serving students Pre-K 1 - 6th grade in the Catholic Diocese of Biloxi. In addition to the core curriculum, each child will enjoy learning Integrated Arts, Religion, Art, Technology Skills, and Music. We offer before and after school care and a number of after school clubs, including art.

We provide a Christian education that teaches the whole child and builds a "Foundation for Life."

Meet Our Family



*Provide instruction in religious classes

*Offer extra curricular service projects that foster a personal relationship with God

*Acknowledge diversity of others and their beliefs

*Prepare for the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist


*Provide a rigorous and demanding curriculum

*Teach basic concepts and skills and how they apply in life situations

*Teach study skills, work habits, and  personal responsibility through team building exercises


*Teaching an understanding and respect for yourself and others

*Instill an appreciation for diversity

*Teach the ability to acknowledge each child's gifts and limitations

*Affirm good judgement, trustworthiness, honest behavior and physical health

*Teach to embrace Catholic values


*Develop the heart of an apostle

*Teach to discern Christ's call for our students' life, embrace the call and bring others to know Him

*Prepare for leadership roles in church and society

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest?

Apple Technology Initiative

    • Teachers are equipped with iPads and Apple TV to go beyond a whiteboard to create fun and engaging lessons for students to truly connect with their learning objectives.
    • Every student in grades kindergarten through sixth are issued an Apple iPad for use in the classroom.
      • Students have access to educational programs such as Freckle, Accelerated Reader, and myON, which differentiate students' learning and adapt to meet them on their ability level.
      • Teachers use apps like Kahoot! and Quizlet to create interactive lessons within the classroom.
    • Every pre-k classroom includes a center for educational iPad use.
  • Small Class Size
    • Class size ranges from 10-24 students.
    • Pre-k and kindergarten classrooms include an assistant to help manage and assess student learning.
  • Specials Classes
    • Students in grades pre-k 3 through 6th participate in Specials weekly.
    • Our Specials for 2023-2024 include:
      • STREAM (weekly)
      • Spanish (weekly)
      • Music (weekly)
      • Integrated Arts (twice weekly)
      • Library (weekly)
      • PE (daily)
  • Religious Education and Activities
    • Every class within our school incorporates our Catholic faith in various forms:
      • Prayer is led by our teachers and students throughout the school day, including morning prayer, grace before meals, and afternoon prayer.
      • Religion class is part of the curriculum for every grade in which teachers instruct on not only the structure of our faith but also the story of our faith including personal testimony and studies of the Saints and Bible.
      • Weekly Mass and monthly Adoration allows our school community to come together as a family of faith. Pre-k 2 through sixth grades participate in weekly Mass, and upper grades observe Adoration with their teachers.
    • Sacred Heart is committed to helping families support their children in growing their faith with events and activities through our Church and within our school. Some examples include participation in food drives for St. Vincent de Paul, "homework" to help families learn prayer forms together, and formation within their child's journey through Sacraments such as Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist.
    • Most importantly, our teachers and staff are dedicated to helping our students to live in the light of Jesus by spreading their love to others in service and kindness.