Gamarada house

Gamarada House is a house of friends. Gamaradas are friends to all no matter who they are. They abide by the motto "Spread love wherever I go" and choose to love all of God's people.

Gamarada House Patron is St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta. She lived a life full of love and showed others how to love unconditionally.

Gamarada means friend in Sydney, an aboriginal language of Australia. Thus, Australia is the continent of Gamarada House.

Gamarada House's Head of House is Mrs. Wiltz.

The House is pronounced Gam-uh-raa-duh


Gamarada House Facts

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Gamarada House Chant

Below is the chant for Gamarada House:

(Sung to Row, Row, Row Your Boat)

Love, love, love your friends

And your family

God is love so spread His word

Ga-ma-ra-da House are we!

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