June 1-July 27, 2022 (3)

WHEN: ALL DAY CAMPS: 8:00am-3:00pm Monday-Thursday; HALF DAY AM CAMPS: 7:30am-11:30am Monday-Thursday; HALF DAY PM CAMPS: 12:00pm-4:00pm Monday-Thursday (drop off starts at 11:45)

LIMIT: 14 Students

PRICE: $150 for ALL DAY and $75 for HALF DAY (with an additional fee of $50 for before/after camp care)


Click on the link below the camp description to register for that camp.

CAMP 1: June 3-6  Intro to Cooking Ages 4-5 (Half Day-AM)

Students will be introduced to measurement. They will begin to learn simple recipes such as making no-bake cookies. They will also get to choose what items they want in many of their recipes, such as frozen yogurt bars with their choice of toppings. Snacks will be eaten each day (students’ creations). This camp is back by popular demand, and filled up within a few days last year, so sign up today!


CAMP 2: June 3-6 The Science of Cooking Ages 6-8 (Half Day-PM)

Students will learn to cook different foods while learning about the science behind them. They will answer questions such as: What is yogurt?, What makes fizzy things fizzy?, Where do spices come from?, and many more! After learning the science behind these questions, the students will make a recipe to learn even more! Snacks will be eaten each day (students’ creations).


CAMP 3: June 10-13 First Inspires-Robotics Incoming 5th and 6th graders (Half Day-AM)

This camp will be for those who are in or interested in competing on Sacred Heart’s First Lego League Team. We will discuss and practice all aspects of competition including coding, innovation, creating, working with a timeline, teamwork, and much more. If you think you are up for the challenge, we would love to see you at this camp!


CAMP 4: June 10-13 It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Out of This World Ages 6-12 (Half a Day PM)

Students will explore outer space by learning about planets, space travel, and our solar system. They will make many types of rockets to test and see which is best. The students will also make a “space” snack each day that they will enjoy as a treat. This camp is back by popular demand from last year, so sign up today!


CAMP 5: June 17-20 What Would Jesus Eat? Cooking Through The Bible Ages 9-12 (All Day)

Students will learn to cook meals that would have been eaten during biblical times while learning each food's connection to The Bible. The students will learn to cook such foods as hummus, breads, soups, side dishes, and sweets. The students will learn about similarities and differences in today's spices and spices that were used long ago. Students will learn how to cook healthy and tasty foods and see what Jesus would have eaten. Students will enjoy lunch each day of the camp.


CAMP 6: June 24-27 Electronics Lab Ages 7-13 (All Day)     

Students will learn about electronics during this camp. They will learn how snap circuits work, and then create their own. They will make circuits and create LED art work or make their own flashlights. Students will also test vegetables to see which can make electronics work and then find out the why behind it. This is going to be a fun, self-paced camp with lots of choices and options according to student interest. Students will need to bring a lunch for this camp.


CAMP 7: July 8-11 Grossology Ages 7-12  (Half Day-AM)

If your child thinks everything gross is funny and amusing, this is the camp for them! Students will make everything from edible snot to buggy bath bombs. Students will think about digestion in the human body while learning about intestines, stomach acid, and saliva. Students will learn about how baffling our bodies can be and why we consider many body systems to be gross. Students will also test their five senses, especially the sense of smell! We can’t wait to dive into a world that can be gross and see why it is considered to be that way!


CAMP 8: July 8-11 Scentology Ages 7-12  (Half Day-PM)

During scentology camp, students will create many items that smell good. Some items to be made are candles, soap, slime, and lotion. We will use essential oils and discuss where they come from and how they work. If your child likes things that have a great smell, they will love this camp!


CAMP 9: July 15-18 Lego, Sphero, and Make Your Own Robots Ages 7-13  (Full Day)

Students will enhance their skills at coding by using Lego and Sphero Robots. Students will also get to create and make their own robot. They will be able to take these robots home at the end of the week. The types of robots students may make include a can robot, a drawing robot, or a catapult robot. This will help students understand how robots work, and begin preparing them for possible careers in robotics or coding. This is going to be a great self-paced camp where students can do what will benefit them the most. Students will need to bring a lunch for this camp.


CAMP 10: July 22-25 Christmas in July Ages 6-12  (Half Day-AM)

Christmas is fun to celebrate any time of year, and we will have a great time this week! Students will complete many themed STREAM activities such as Borax Christmas ornaments, play Christmas games, and make Christmas recipes (that they will be able to eat). If your student is looking for an exciting week before school starts, this is going to be a fun-filled week that they don’t want to miss!