Sacred Heart Faith Houses

Students are sorted into one of six Faith Houses and stay in this House for their entire stay at Sacred Heart. These Houses will have several uses throughout the year:

  • Any competitive activity on campus will be between Houses.
  • Students are awarded points for positive actions which are tallied by House to result in a yearly House Cup winner.
  • Students can earn Point Goals for their individual point gains.
  • Students in grades 3-6 will work on faith formation within their House; the House leaders will mentor their students as they work on becoming closer to Christ.
  • Students may be grouped into Houses for various activities such as Mass, assemblies, etc.

Faith Houses are meant to help build our family at Sacred Heart, allowing our older students to get to know and help guide our younger students.

As our House System grows, expect more fun and positive activities and events associated with students' Houses!

The Faith Houses