Solide House is a house of go-getters. Solides never give up and always find a way to thrive. They abide by the motto "I can do everything with You" and know that all things can be accomplished with Christ on your side.

Solide House Patron is St. Joseph the Worker. He always found a way to protect Jesus and Mary and never gave up on following God's vision.

Solide means strong in French, the language of Canada. Thus, North America is the continent of Solide House.

Solide House's Head of House is Ms. Terry Poelma.

The House is pronounced: Sa-lee-da


Solide House Facts

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Solide House Chant

Below is the chant for Solide House:

(Chanted to "Who Let the Dogs Out" melody)

Who let the wolves out?

St. Joseph! St. Joseph!

Saint, Saint Joseph!